Welcome to the youngest of the oldest cities in the world!

Welcome to Yerevan - the capital of the Republic of Armenia!

Yerevan is a festive palette at any time of the year. Every month is great for tourism: winter is mild, spring is bright, summer is festive, and autumn is long and warm.

In Yerevan, the distant past and the rhythmic present are flawlessly combined. Here you will find both old churches, historical and cultural monuments, museums and galleries, as well as modern sights and recreation places - clubs, restaurants, taverns, bars, children's attractions, shopping centers, squares decorated with pink ornaments, green gardens and parks... Yerevan offers a wide range of cultural activities: jazz, rock, folk and classic music, national dances, religious, cultural and entertaining events and festivals; young and old happy people soaked to the skin pouring water over each other on the streets, this all and much more will make your tour unforgettable... The Armenian national cuisine and drinks, rich in different tastes, will become a discovery even for the most discerning gourmets.

Yerevanians (as we call ourselves) love life, feasts for or without any reason, weddings and parties. And the unique Armenian hospitality has no boundaries. So don't be surprised and don’t refuse if you are accidentally invited to yerevanians’ home to continue the fun. Be sure that they won't let you go without some goodies. Here people know how to bring joy and happiness!!

So, if you love to travel, your collection of memories will definitely be incomplete without warm Yerevan impressions. The sunny Yerevan with a magnificent view of Biblical mount Ararat is waiting for you!


What should you do on your first trip to Yerevan?


Mesrop Mashtots Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts. Matenadaran houses one of the world's largest collections of ancient Armenian manuscripts.

Cascade Complex in Yerevan

The Cascade is a truly magnificent part of the city, where art, urban life, a huge architectural complex, an idyllic green spaces merge beautifully to form an exciting, and quintessentially Yerevanian atmosphere.

St. Gregory the Illuminator church

St. Gregory the Illuminator is currently the largest temple of the Armenian Apostolic Church in the world. The Church was dedicated to the 1700th anniversary of the Christianity adoption in Armenia.

National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Al. Spendiaryan

The Opera and Ballet Theater takes its unique place in the life of the capital. Located in the heart of Yerevan, the theatre is a cultural hub and an architectural triumph of the capital.

Republic Square

Republic Square is the central city square of Yerevan and it is one of the main architectural complexes of the capital.

St. John the Baptist Church

Sourb Hovhannes Mkrtich Church (The St John the Baptist church) was built in 1710 in the place of the medieval church destroyed after a massive earthquake on the high hill of Kond.

History Museum of Armenia

The mission of the History Museum of Armenia is to preserve, replenish, study and publicize the Museum objects and collections, which represent the history and culture of Armenia and the Armenian people.

Saint Sarkis Church (Cathedral)

St Sargis Church believed to date back to 1453. The monastery itself was a small chapel, where Catholicos and the Prelate prayed.

"My ancient Erebuni that has become Yerevan.

You are our new Dvin, our new Ani.

A dream gracing our small corner of the earth,

After centuries of longing, with rocks carved into facades of lace."

A verse from a Hymn Of The City

in Yerevan

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In addition to the regular daily routes, the "Evening Yerevan" tour operates from the Republic Square.

Family friendly
Group: 8-50 ppl

per person
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The open-top, double-decker bus provides fantastic views and a great atmosphere to enjoy Yerevan.

Family friendly
Group: 8-60 ppl
Audio guide

per person
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Yerevan's ancient and new churches, Christian monuments, and the rich history of the Armenian Apostolic Church on this tour.

Family friendly
Group: 8-15 ppl

per person
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An interesting tour through the old Yerevan in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Family friendly
Group: 8-25 ppl

per person

in Yerevan

Piano Battle
"Aram Khachaturian" Concert hall
M.Mashtots avenue 46
+37410 560 645
3000-15000 AMD
May 29
Wed 19:00
Yerevan city
July 27
Sat 14:00
Sports and Concerts Complex after Karen Demirchyan
Tsitsernakaberd Park, 1 Building
+37410 399 955, +37410 393 900
10000-55000 AMD
October 23
Wed 20:00

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