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Liberty Square

Freedom Square is located in front of the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet named after A. Spendiaryan.

The square was built together with the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. Due to its closeness to the theater, it was called "Theater Square". In 1991 it was renamed "Freedom Square"  in honor of the 3rd Republic of Armenia.

Along with Republic Square, the Freedom Square is one of the two main squares in Yerevan. It is bordered with four streets: Tumanyan Street, Teryan Street, Sayat Nova Avenue and Mashtots Avenue. 

The grave of Alexander Spendiaryan is located in the park adjacent to the square. Bronze and granite statues of Hovhannes Tumanyan (sculptors: Ara Sargsyan and Ghukas Chubaryan, architect: Grigor Aghababyan) and Alexander Spendiaryan (sculptor: Ara Sargsyan, architect: Grigor Aghababyan) were installed in the square in 1957. 

In the early 1960s, on the eastern side of the square an artificial reservoir, "Swan Lake", was built, similar in appearance to Lake Sevan.

On July 4, 2003, a statue dedicated to the famous composer Arno Babajanyan was placed in the park near the lake.

Yerevan, Kentron district